The Rentals+ option gives you access to many things you need for your perfect event without having to go and purchase them yourself. Pieces has everal decorative items available for your use, if needed. These can be added on as time progresses. We do understand, you may not know everything that you need right at the beginning. If there is something that you need on the list, reach out. If you are needing something that isn’t on the list, ASK! We may have it, or we may be able to get it.

These items include but are not limited to: 

  • Glass Cylinders   7,9 and 11 inches
  • Glass Squares and Fish Bowls for flower arrangements or candles
  • Cake Plates, Pillars and Stands
  • Votive Candles   gold and clear
  • Gold Mercury Glass Bud Vases
  • A large collection of McCarty & Peter’s Pottery
  • An array of baskets-varying sizes
  • Coffee Service with clear glass coffee cups
  • Frames, Easels and Stands for signage or photos

These items can be rented for a small fee.

Any purchased items on behalf of the client for the day of event or prior will be billed directly to the client at cost of goods.  Including but not limited to greenery, flowers, candles, etc…

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