The Full Wedding Workup is for the bride who is in one of two categories: 

1. Doesn’t know what she wants or how to plan a wedding on a budget

2. Knows what she likes but doesn’t care how the pieces come together as long as its beautiful

AKA- the go with the flow, someone do it for me- Bride

If you are this Bride- this is the package for you!

In the Full Wedding Workup, you will have a wedding planned from start to finish. Approving decisions is all that you will be responsible for. Patty and Reagan will book vendors, lay out details, coordinate menus and flowers, schedule appointments, and all of the other miscellaneous details that go into wedding planning. 

You will receive monthly meetings to ensure things are on track. As things grow closer, these meetings will move to biweekly. We will meet prior to the event to walk through the entire event in full. 

Included in this package is the Wedding Day+. 

The pricing for this package works a bit differently. You will need to be very aware as a bride with your own budget. After receiving your budget, we will create for you a mood board and pitch our ideas. From there, your price may range between $4,000 and $8,000. This is all dependent upon you, your wants and needs for your wedding, and the work and time we will be placing into making everything perfect.

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