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This is Pieces- an Event Coordinating Company.
Pieces was built on a dream, and a love for creating gorgeous, easy flowing events that allow the bride, or guest of honor, to feel completely at ease knowing her dream will become a reality. Pieces is a specialty event coordinating company that was started by a spunky mother-daughter duo. The pair have no problem getting things done and creating a day that feels magical in every way.
The name Pieces derives from inspiration of Steffany Gretzinger's song- Pieces- a song that depicts God's love for his people, the Father's love for us- the bridegroom. Not only that, this song is also a beautiful image of how a husband should love a wife, and we should love those around us.
Allow us to ensure that all of the PIECES come together beautifully on the day of your special event.

Photo by Cherish the Moments Photography by Julia Dickerson


Founder, Mother, Creator, Coordinator, Culinary Wizard, and the Life of Every Party

Over the years. Patty has hosted many events from showers to receptions to birthday parties and even fundraising events. In all aspects, her attention to detail shows!  Patty will be the one who begins communication with you as you decide to use Pieces for your event!

Photo by Cherish the Moments Photography by Julia Dickerson


Co-Founder, Daughter, Creative, Assistant, DIY Extraordinaire, and the one who Hogs the Mic

For her day job, Reagan is a teacher at Bellevue Elementary. A direct quote- “It’s like throwing a birthday party every day.” Needless to say, she puts her creativity and innovation to the test in the classroom which inevitably translates to how she works in the event realm. 

these are some moments where
the Pieces came together...

Photos by Cherish the Moments Photography by Julia Dickerson